Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Commemorative Chemin de la Liberté/Freedom Trail July 2014

This years Commemorative Freedom Trail (10 - 13 July 2014) saw over a 100 people walking along one of the World War 2 escape routes from France into Spain. Mainly from England and France but over 10 countries represented.

Snow conditions meant that walking into Spain across the border was not possible on Day 4. Instead walkers were bused to Esterri for the end of walk celebrations.

We walked in the footsteps of the escapees and evaders (among them shot down Allied airmen, Jews, and young French men called up for forced labour) attempting to escape Nazi oppression during World War 2 and the helpers that guided them across the Pyrenees.  We walked and we remembered.......

Photos copyright R. Eychenne

 Photos copyright E. Aromin

Facebook page for 2014 Commemorative Chemin/Freedom Trail

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