Monday, July 29, 2013

20 Years At Rowlyn

As well as leading successful Freedom Trail treks across the border in the Pyrenees, I started my 20th year of trips to Rowlyn in North Wales. Rowlyn Isa is a cottage on a working hill farm just inside the Snowdonia National Park. It is the base for a week long activities based 'adventure week' offered to all the 13 and 14 year olds from Simon Langton school in Canterbury. There is no running water at the cottage and no electricity!

The cottage gets its name, which means lower whirlpool, from the splashpool situated about 1km away.(see top left photo)

Thanks to all the members of staff and students that have done the trip with me over the years and given me such great memories and taught me so much. I love the week and think it is one of the best things the school offers. It really does help nurture the 'leaders of tomorrow'.

My favourite part of the week? There are so many, but hearing the skylarks in full song in the Eigiau Valley is something I have never tired of.

The top right photo was taken on my very first Rowlyn back in 1993. Some of the people in the photo are still teaching at Simon Langton.

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