Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ax les Thermes Mountain Film Festival

The 6th Explos Mountain and Adventure film festival is being held in Ax les Thermes 6th - 12th May at the Casino d'Ax.

The best day looks like Thursday 9th May when the films are all about the Pyrenees. I am looking forward to Traversée des Pyrenees about crossing the chain from sea to ocean........on skis! The film about the Dodtour crossing the Pyrenees also looks great.

The Dodtour was completed by Lionel Daudet and involved him walking, paragliding and canoeing around the extremities of France - along the borders with other countries and the coastline.1 year, 5000km and 1000 summits!!

Here are Daudets photos of his journey along the Pyrenees and the French/Spanish border. 

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