Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year

Do you have any intentions for 2013?  W. H. Murray, the Scottish mountaineer and writer, once said  'Find beauty; be still.' This is a wonderful piece of advice and intention to hold at the start of a new year .

From my walking in the mountains I know that there is beauty to be found there. There is obvious beauty in the overview - the grand panorama from a summit or a distant view of a chain of mountains. Less obvious is the beauty to be found in the detail -  a mountain flower, an animal print in the snow.

Beauty in the detail....

As Colin Mortlock, the adventurer, outdoor education pioneer and writer says in 'The Spirit of Adventure', beauty can be found all around us and within us. We only have to look closer......

'Beauty in one's surroundings - from micro to macro,
Beauty in terms of human contact and relationships,
Beauty in terms of one's thoughts and actions.'

Good luck in your search for beauty during 2013.

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