Thursday, January 12, 2012

Double Boost For Green Travel This Winter

Pyrenees Mountain Adventure holidays are either based in Planès or start and finish there.  Planès is on the Perpignan - Latour de Carol bus route. It is also on the Little Yellow Train 'tourist' railway  route that connects with the Villfranche - Perpignan main line at Villfranche.

Train Line from Perpignan to Latour de Carol
Perpignan to Mont Louis is about 80km. Here are the amounts of CO2 produced by different travel methods based on figures from Tansport Direct. It is assumed that only 2 people are travelling in the cars. Visit the site to play around with the number of occupants in the car to see how the CO2 emmisions per person change.

TransportCO2 Emissions
Small Car                   5.1 kg  of CO2 per passenger withoccupant(s)
Large Car                 10.3 kg  of CO2 per passenger withoccupant(s)
Train                   4.3 kg  of CO2 per passenger
Coach                   2.4 kg  of CO2 per passenger

From the figures, public transport is a  more environmentally friendly way of travelling than by car.

One of the arguments that people use to justify staying in their cars and not using public transport is that public transport is too expensive? 'If only it were cheaper'. The Pyrenees-Orientales département (county) has just announced that all train journeys on the regular SNCF state run network in the département are now 1 euro. This follows the move in 2008 to make all bus journeys 1 euro.

Other good news is that during the winter season (11th December to 18th March) the price of using the Little Yellow Train 'tourist' railway has also been reduced. You can travel to any station along the line, from any  other SNCF station in the Pyrenees-Orientales for 10 euros. Free bus transfers are available from certain stations to nearby ski resorts.

If you have booked a Pyrenees Mountain Adventure winter snowshoeing holiday then you can make the journey from Perpignan on public transport for as little as 1 euro on the bus or 10 euros on the train. You would only need a short taxi ride from Mont Louis to Planès to complete your journey.

In the summer, the cheapest way to arrive for a Pyrenees Mountain Adventure holiday would be by bus for 1 euro. However I would recommend a bus to Villfranche and then picking up the Little Yellow Train from there to Mont Louis.

As well as saving money by making the Perpignan - Mont Louis transfer by public transport, you have also reduced the carbon footprint of your holiday.

The Pyrenees Mountain Adventure team are happy to help you plan and make the transfer by public transport and will even accompany you on your transfer (at no additional cost) to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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