Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frozen Bear To Be Defrosted

The Lifeless body of Canelle isTransported Away by Helicopter.

In November 2004 in the Aspe Valley, the last female brown bear in the Pyrenees of Pyrenean stock (as apposed to the female brown bears introduced from Slovenia), was shot and killed by a hunter while he was out hunting wild pigs.  René Marquèze said he acted in self defence. He later faced trial and had to pay 10 000 Euros in damages to several environmental organistions.

Cannelle (Cinnamon in English) was with her cub which was not physically hurt and escaped. The mothers body was frozen and stored at the National Veterinary School in Toulouse while the judicial enquiry into the cause of her death took place. This did not finish until 2009. Now, the director of the Natural History Museum, also in Toulouse, Francis Duranthon,  wants to defrost the body so that it can be mounted by a taxidermist and displayed to the public.

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