Thursday, April 28, 2011


While spring is well underway in the valleys, higher up in the mountains, it is just beginning. The average temperature is  warming, the snow cover is receding and nature is beginning to bloom. This was evident on a recent  3 day camping trip in the Capcir region above Les Angles. The weather was mixed.  Warm and sunny at times with cold, grey spells.

Sunrise from near the campsite.

Day 1 was spent exploring  the Têt Valley.

The Têt Valley (taken on Day 2) 

Above the Têt Valley with the Grand Peric as a back drop (at the end of day 1.)

Day 2 was an attempt to summit Pic Carlit via  a high level ridge route. The summit  was never reached due to snow conditions on the final approach and worsening weather.

Climbing out of the Têt Valley onto the ridge.

High Level Route to Pic Carlit.  

The summit of Pic Carlit from the carlit Plateau.

Spring Pasque Flower Pulsitilla vernalis ( at 2500m.)

Descending from Carlit de Baix. Nameless Lake at 2598m.

Day 3 was a journey amongst the lakes of the Llosa Valley.

Yellow Whitlow Grass (at 2200m)

Pyrenean Buttercup (Ranunculus pyrenaeus)

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