Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PMA Website Is Live

The Pyrenes Mountain Adventure website went live last week. The site showcases the environmentally friendly holidays that PMA offers and highlights PMA's commitment to sustainability.

The environmentally friendly holidays that PMA offers take place in the sunny Catalan Pyrenees Regional Nature Park in the Eastern Pyrenees. Why are the holidays environmentally friendly?

  • The summer walking or winter snowshoeing holidays involve no motorised transport, unless there is a vehicle transfer at the start and end of the walk.
  • As several of the walks during the week start from the accommodation, vehicle transfers are reduced.
  • If there is a vehicle transfer it is by public transport or local taxi firm.
  • The accommodation is a trailside eco lodge with solar water heating, photo voltaic panels to generate electricity, underfloor heating, recycling, organic and/or locally produced food etc
  • The owners of the lodge, have a strong commitment to sustainable practices.
  • The accommodation has won awards for its environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • Minimum Impact Trekking guidelines are followed when walking.
  • A £100 Greener Travel Cashback is paid to those clients that travel to the Eastern Pyrenees using a method of transport that creates half or less of the CO2 emmisions a plane would creat making the equivalent journey.
  • PMA's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint is a core principal. Whenever there is a choice  to be made (clothing, banking, printing, office hardware, business travel, publicity etc) it is the option that minimises the environmental footprint of the business most that is chosen. Always!
Take a look at the site here.

Enjoy your visit. I look forward to seeing you in the mountains!

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